So far a lot of articles I have read about biodiversity and climate change, have been about the poles (mostly the Arctic) or about coral reefs and oceans and how they are being affected. If you have read my previous blog posts they summarize these topics and talk about how the slight change in the arctic will majority affect the food chain from the top to the very bottom (generalized single-celled organism, invertebrate, amphibians). Also how the acidification of the ocean is going to ruin the coral reefs of our ocean. If you haven’t read these blog posts yet, you should!

The newest article I have read, “A Little Climate Change Goes a Long Way in The Tropics, ” by, Susan Milius, is not about either of these zones, but one that has gone under the radar in recent publicity about climate change; The Tropics.


Little do we know that the slightest change in temperature in the tropics is going to do big damage to the animals that warm and cool with their surroundings. As there surroundings warm up their metabolism speeds up. Resulting in an all around increase in the pace of life in the tropics. While reading this article I asked myself why is that such a bad thing, as I read on, it explained.
access “Caiman Lizard is one animal that will adapt to increasing temperatures.”

If the environment around these animals heat up then the animals and organisms are going to increase the rate of their metabolism. With an increase in their metabolism they need an increase in the amount of food that they eat in order to turn it into energy. This article goes onto explain that it might result in starvation if the ecosystems can not keep up with the increase of the metabolisms.I personally have never thought about animals in the rainforest running out of food, this amazes me. It makes sense, with the increase of metabolism requiring more food and a decrease in food, animals really will face starvation.

I like reading and writing about the problems that fly under the radar. I like brining them to peoples attention because they will not see it on t.v. or in the newspaper.
Most people just write off the tropics as something not to worry about because scientist point out that they are highly adapted to heat. But it has come to my attention that it is completely the opposite. We should be paying a lot more attention to the tropics because it requires half as much heat as the Arctic does to see equal amount of change in the ectotherms. The tropics are so vulnerable because it has such a vast biodiversity. The temperature increase is going to harm the Tropics and we are slowly destroying it by cutting down much of it for paper manufacturing and oil.

“An example of deforestations”

I don’t think that the tropics deserve more attention than other areas on earth, I think every area deserves more attention that they are getting. The world needs to get the word out to more people on how our earth is being destroyed slowly by every single one of us on the planet.