Geoenineering is a process that has been discovered by scientist to correct the progress of climate change. It is the process of manipulating the earth climate to counter act the harmful affects of global warming. So essentially the Goal is to attempt to recreate natural events to solve our the current threat of climate change.
As the inhabitants of earth we are reaching a point of no return. The amount of pollution and harmful chemicals emitted constantly into the air is taking a toll on the planet, in which we depend on. As I said before I do not believe that technology is the solution to the current environmental problems.

In this series post I am going to continue my argument, but more specifically in this post I will talk about a Geoenineering process that I think has the worst impact on the environment.
Geoenineering is an attempt, at a solution that scientist have come up with to solve our environmental problems.
All processes in which have been discovered act as a Band-Aid instead of a solution to the root cause. The worst in my opinion is Solar Radiation Management. Scientist have discovered a new method to help reduce climate change or other wise known as global warming. By intentionally changing the Earths Albedo affect, solar radiation management (SRM) is both reflecting light back out into the atmosphere, and stopping it from reaching Earth. As a result, reducing the affect of global warming by reducing the amount of heat that stays trapped in the atmosphere. One way to increase the albedo affect of the Earth, scientists are reenacting a process that occurs naturally from aerosols caused from pollution, major forest fires, and/or volcanic eruptions.

Another SRM used is Hydrogen Sulfur or Sulfur Dioxide pumping into our atmosphere, which would be delivered by airplanes or balloons. Another main way scientists are increasing the albedo affect and reducing global warming is cloud whitening, by spraying seawater into the atmosphere and increasing the reflection of light back out into the atmosphere. Although the ultimate goal of Geoenineering is to reduce the global warming affect by manipulating the earth’s climate, solar radiation management has some extreme flaws.

The problems that arise from Solar Radiation Management are severe ones. By inserting unnatural or natural substances more than normal into the air to reduce an affect that is anthropogenic caused does not solve our ultimate problem of global warming. Also by pumping in unnatural aerosols, also known as particulate matter, it would cause respiratory harm to humans on earth. Particulate matter is already something that exists as a health hazards to humans, why would we want to increase it? It would also have a negative affect on our hydrological cycle, and would not reduce our problem of ocean acidification, or depletion of ozone, which is caused by the same activities that is causing global warming. The one good thing about SRM is that is would temporarily solve our problem of global warming and would create an artificial shade to the earth’s surface. This is a creative way to help solve our current problems of global warming but it is the right way?

I disagree with this solution, I think that in order to fix our problem we need to go back to the root cause. Although SRM would increase the albedo and temporarily decrease global warming, it is not addressing the other problems of climate change like ocean acidification and ozone depletion. We also do not know what would happen if we stopped using SMR. It is proposed that if we use it and then decide to stop using it the affects of global warming would happen more rapidly than before SMR. I think the obvious solution is to reduce our emissions as quickly as possibly before it is too late.
In the post to follow I will look into a more effective Geoenineering technique with more benefits and less environmental impact.