Previously I discussed one of the major Geoenineering proposed schemes and in my opinion the most harmful. Solar Radiation Management is not a productive method because it does not get at the root cause of climate change. On the other hand there is a more productive method that scientists have come up with is, Greenhouse Gas Remediation. Unlike SRM, Greenhouse Gas Remediation really gets at the root cause of the problem. The main focus is to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. It is removed directly or indirectly by using alternative natural processes that remove climate changing green house gases. There are several different types of Green House Gas Remediation, Carbon sequestration, CFC photochemistry and Methane removal, just to name a few.

Although this proposed technique is more efficient than SMR it still has negative effects. When focusing on Carbon sequestration for example, although it is better than SMR it is still dangerous to the sustainability of our environment. Carbon Sequestration is the process of the long-term storage of carbon dioxide. As we know carbon dioxide is a major green house gas. By capturing the carbon dioxide it is expected to slow down the accumulation of greenhouse gases, thus slowing down the effects of global warming.

However it risks changing the chemicals composition and habitable qualities of the bodies of water that the carbon gets stored in. Even if the companies that practice the carbon sequestration highly regulate and make sure there are no faults, faults are still likely to still happen. Consequences would be severe. Sea life in the ocean would not receive the necessary levels of oxygen as well as decrease their metabolism, slowing down the entire sea life. In my previous blog I link how important sea life is to the survival of food chain. All life forms on the food chain including humans need oceanic life. It is a major contributor to the Earth’s biodiversity.

Even though Greenhouse Gas Remediation tries to target the root cause of climate change it still is not the right way to fix the problem of climate change. The only way to fix our problem of climate change is to directly target the emission and our social structure that makes it okay to emit mass amounts of green house gases. Technology can not just act as a band aid to simply cover our problems

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