Since the start of the industrial revolution the United States began emitting harmful chemicals into the environment and the population that inhabits it. Society paid very little attention to how the pollution was going to affect our planet and the environment that we live in. As a result, the world is in a position where they are in desperate need of correction.
The amount of pollution emitted into the air is causing major Environmental problems that are not easy to fix. Our planet is currently facing a depletion of our Tropospheric ozone which is extremely important. It protects form of life on Earth from harmful UV-C radiation. It is not unknown that we are facing a problem of global warming/ climate change as well. Which causes ice caps to melt around the poles and sea levels to rise. Biodiversity on Earth is also being depleted. Extinction rates are extremely high and the food all life forms depend on are slowly being broken down. All these catastrophic events…are a result of the incredibly high rate of green house gas emissions.

We are at a point in history where we have to fix the way our society lives or it will become really hard for life to persist on earth. The extreme effects may not happen in our life time but we will see the start of it. Children and grandchild will be the ones who have to suffer from what current society has created.
To help solve this problem scientist have come up with new scientific method that is intended to correct the environmental problem at hand is called Geoengineering, or Climate engineering. The ultimate goal is to manipulate the Earth climate to adverse the affects of climate change. Often Climate engineering is manipulating the Earths climate by artificially reproducing events that happen naturally. But when they are reproduced natural events artificially there are side affect that are often equally as harmful as what scientist were trying to fix.

I personally do not think that technology is the solution to our problems. Through out this blog series I will create an argument why I think we should be researching alternative ways to improve our environment. Also I will explain what types of geoenineering there is and why it may be effective but also how it is harmful.


Illustration showing multiple geoengineering approaches