As I was reading current articles on climate change, one really caught my eye. The title really got at what the main point of the article was. Amazon Thirst Alarming for the Earth. Staurt Grudgings from The Vancouver Sun really began to expose real climate change problems. Climate change is caused by anthropogenic activities and is defined as extremes at either end of the spectrum. Extremes is exactly what the amazon is facing.

For the second time in 5 years the amazon has experiences extremely hot weather conditions. In 2005 the extreme weather was defined as something that happens once in a century. But when it happened again a couple years later, and even more severe, the cause was thought to be our changing climate.

The results of climate change causing such severe weather patters is catastrophic. The amazon accounts for more than half of the earths remaining rainforest. The rainforest is a huge contributor to prevents climate change, it acts as an air conditioner by absorbing carbon. But when extreme droughts happen and the rainforest dies it becomes the opposite, the trees become huge carbon contributers. The drought in 2005 released more greenhouse gases than the annual emissions of Europe and Japan. The rainforest switching from a carbon sink to a major source.

(Not only is the death of the Trees a major green house gas emitter, but they decay of wildlife is too. These fish were also a source of food to all the native people.)


Although the rainforest is a natural source of green house gases it is caused from human activity. The major drought is caused by the warming of the North Atlantic Ocean which is affect the formation of rain clouds over the Amazon. Not only are the effects of the this drought catastrophic to the progression of climate change but also to the people that live in the amazon. The people that live in the amazon are dependent on the crops that they grow and produce which they are unable to do during the drought. Now they are suffering.

After reading this article I really feel like we are reaching a point of no return. For people to read something like this and still think that climate change is not happening is unbelievable. I think instead of denying what science is telling the world we need to start acting on how to fix it. It is a vicious cycle. Anthropogenic reasons for climate change are causing natural reasons for climate change. The natural causes of climate change are more extreme than the ones that we could possibly cause. Natural contributers however are not going to be able to stopped like we could stop the human caused ones.