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World Powers

As I was browsing through my google reader today, I came across a really interesting article on an international meeting where the top economic countries have a forum on Energy and Climate. I remember learning about this meeting happening in Copenhagen last year, Environmental activist had high hopes that it was going to move the world in the right directions by correcting our carbon and green house has emissions, and correcting our path of climate change. This meeting of 17 nations that produce 80% of our carbon emission responsible for climate change failed last year. This article proceed to speculate that it is going to make no significant progress again.

In the article Environmentalist Bill Mckibben, co-founder of a very strong environmentalist group said, “The U.S. congress failed to pass a law to combat climate change made it ¬†“very difficult” to clinch a strong agreement in Cancun.” I agree with what Mr. Mckibben says, the United States is a very strong political leader. Environmentalist need the help of politics to correct our path of climate change. The United States on of many major leaders but if we start correcting our carbon emission and show other countries of power, I think we would have many followers. In my opinion too much of our world has to do with politics and money and that is why the United Sates and many other countries are not taking a stand, too much ¬†money will come out of it.

Mr.Mckibben also thinks that the next couple of years will be very disappointing in terms of action, and during that time our people will just have to build a strong movement. I think believes that if we show enough passion with enough people to create a massive movement with out the governments help, the governments around the world will see and begin to listen and take action as well. It also says in the article that Republicans are going to retake control of the House of Reps which I think could mean even less progress. I am afraid that having so many Republicans in the House of Reps is going to make it even harder to progress considering that even when Democrats had control of The House we could not make a lot of progress.

Overall I found this article very interesting, I don’t think many people know that this kind of meeting even happens in our world. If more people were aware of this international meeting and how much power it holds for our future of our Earth we would organize something that would make the strongest economic and largest carbon emission countries in the world, CLEAN UP our world.


I found a post today about the biodiversity risks associated with climate change that really sparked my interest. What I really liked about this add is that it was short and simple. It made a great point about how there are many other species in the Arctic besides polar bears that are at risk. Polar bears get the most recognition because they are charismatic megafauna creatures, but they are just one part of the food chain. Less ice in the Arctic means less reflection going back out into the atmosphere which means more absorption and faster melting. There are many other creatures that depend of the Arctic ice other than polar bears; Algae, invertebrates, birds, fish and mammals further up on the food chain. I completely agree with the article when it says that most of our society seems to focus on the mega fauna creatures that are being affected by climate change. But in reality even the small bacteria and small fish are just as important in our world of biodiversity.